PDO Pecorino Romano cheese

Pecorino Romano PDO cheese produced in Sardinia from accurately selected whole sheep’s milk, from flocks that roam the pristine green pastures of the island of Sardinia. It can be consumed as a table cheese after five months of maturation, while after eight months it is best used as a flavoursome condiment on Mediterranean dishes. Cylindrical shape, flat faces and straight sides. Semi-cooked, hard, compact and white texture when the cheese is young, tending to straw-coloured as it matures. Aromatic taste, gradually becoming more intensely piquant as it matures. Smooth, thin rind, natural straw-white in colour or black-coated. The name “Pecorino Romano”, the official logo, lot number, month and year of production are imprinted on the sides.

Sheep’s milk, Sardinian lamb’s rennet paste, salt, bacterial culture.

Minimum 5 months for the “table” type. Minimum 8 months for the “grating” type.

Diameter: 32-33 cm. Height: 28-30 cm. Average weight: 24-33 kg.