Certificazioni Allevatori di Mores

Nuances become history

The Dairy Farmers’ Coop “Cooperativa Allevatori di Mores” was founded in 1951 in Mores, a small farming town in the heart of Logudoro, a historical region of central-northern Sardinia, a rural area brimming with natural beauty.

The Cooperative’s focus is on making traditional cheeses using artisan procedures, true to the principles of the local cheese-making tradition. Its many successes were born by coupling ancient skills with a dynamic organisation, high-tech equipment and a state-of-the-art facility, because the past is the bedrock of our present. 

The accurate choice of ingredients and stringent controls throughout the production chain ensure we deliver top quality to our consumers. Each step of the process undergoes rigorous and detailed checks by our specialised technicians to ensure the constant healthiness of our products.

The high organisational and quality standards reflect an operating philosophy aimed at securing consistent market success, with the support of leading quality certifications covering products and company processes.