Cajola Peperina
Cajola Peperina

Cajola Peperina

Smoked sheep’s milk ricotta (whey cheese) with chilli pepper

Smoked ricotta produced in Sardinia, obtained from the whey from the processing of sheep’s cheese. When the whey is heated, the ricotta curds emerge in delicate flakes. It is extracted gently and placed in perforated cylindrical baskets. It is then pressed, salted and smoked naturally through the slow combustion of wood chips. Product rich in noble proteins. Cylindrical wheel, flat faces and straight sides. White, moist, tender and compact texture. Pleasant and slightly piquant taste, intense aroma.

Sheep’s milk whey, salt, chilli pepper.

To be consumed 2 days after production.

Parchment paper.

Diameter: 16 cm. Height: 12 cm. Weight: 1.6-1.8 kg.