Monte Acuto

Monte Acuto

Mature Pecorino Sardo PDO cheese

Mature Pecorino Sardo PDO cheese produced in Sardinia from accurately selected whole sheep’s milk, from flocks that roam the pristine green pastures of the island of Sardinia. Cylindrical shape, flat faces and slightly convex sides. Straw-yellow interior, compact, elastic and tender texture, with sparse eyes. Sweet and sourish taste in the fresher cheese, tending towards a tangier taste as it matures. Pleasantly piquant flavour in the mature cheese. Smooth, natural straw-yellow rind that tends to darken with maturing.

Sheep’s milk, calf rennet, salt, lactic starter.

Minimum 60 days. 

Diameter: 18-20 cm. Height: 10 cm. Average weight: 2.5-3 kg.